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Year 12 Industrial Technology- Major HSC Projects

The Year 12 Industrial Technology-timber products and furnishing class have had a huge year of dedication and craftsmanship, resulting in the students producing some excellent projects for their HSC Major Project. Each student... Read more

Clair Johnson

Year 12 Visual Arts HSC Major Project

The Senior Visual Arts students exhibited their works of Art recently at a local venue. Year 12 students, Ivy Carr and Claire Johnson, showcased their submissions for the 2017 HSC which have been now packed and sent to the... Read more

The winning drawing of Norfolk Island

2017 Norfolk Island Telephone Directory Cover Competition

Congratulations to Eloise Prince, a Year 6 student at NICS and an outstanding artist, whose drawing of "Norfolk - the best small island in the world" has been chosen for the front cover of the 2017 Norfolk Island telephone book.... Read more

Norfolk Island Central School is approximately 1800 kms NE of Sydney and operates under the NSW DEC. NICS students develop a sense of pride in their school and connect with the traditions, cultural identity and unique lifestyle of Norfolk Island.